The Federal Government has announced a significant increase in the enforcement of anti-vaping laws.

We are deeply concerned that the proposed heavy handed enforcement of import bans on vaping liquids will lead to perverse health outcomes.

From July 1, the Australian Border Force and Department of Health will begin enforcing fines of up to $220,000 over the importation of vaping liquids, used by many as a substitute for cigarettes.

By denying people access to a product that is commonly used, Australians will be forced to use more dangerous legal alternatives, such as cigarettes. Others may resort to black market options with the potential for even more harmful outcomes.

A well intentioned measure to improve health could easily end up making people less healthy.

Many studies, including by the UK Government and the British Medical Journal, have found that vaping and e-cigarettes are both far safer than smoking and help people give up smoking for good.

In addition, the UK Government has found that “e-cigarettes are attracting very few young people who have never smoked into regular use.”

Australia once led the way in reducing smoking. But with such harsh restrictions on vaping, Australia risks reversing that trend. Australia is one of the few developed countries where e-cigarettes are not legal.

Instead of outright banning vaping, we believe the Federal Government should regulate it - ensuring that it is sold safely, kept out of the hands of children and taxed in Australia.

That way, we can all look forward to a smoke-free future.

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